Conference diary #1 Meeting Cristina Marras

UntitledThis is me, attending the Transnational Radio Conference organised in Prato (Italy) by Monash University and if you think that I look happy, you are right, I am.

It feels incredible to be in a room full of people interested in the same things that interest me.

I know, it’s going to sound boring to people who have already attended dozens of similar conferences but hey, it’s my first time at a radio conference, so be patient with my enthusiasm.

The magic of the conference started this morning when I finally met Cristina Marras. And no, this is not a tale of self-discovery, Cristina Marras is an academic who teaches philosophy, communications etc in Rome.

I have been following her on Google, that is every time I googled my name I got the list of her publications in the results.

Imagine my surprise when this morning, at registration, I was greeted with “Cristina! The other Cristina Marras is here in Prato, in this building!”.

Basically ‘the other’ Cristina has been attending a different conference in the same building in Prato (they mistook her for me at registration). Well, we finally met, and it turns out that we have more than a name and a surname in common.

The few minutes we spent together (I was about to start, she was dashing somewhere else) we chatted like two excited teenagers, with the promise to catch up when she comes to Cagliari in August.

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