Suspended time

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 17.36.54So, I guess this is the suspended time we keep on talking about, a time that is not here nor there, like the time that it didn’t want to become night, because days in Summer do it sometimes: they glow forever of an orange light, and when you think that  you can see the dark blue of the night creeping from east (or from west, I don’t now, I’ve never been good with directions) no, the light keeps on going and becomes even stronger and you have been there waiting for darkness to come for the entire day, as your mother has told you to come home by dark and while before you had to fight to be allowed to stay out one more minute, now they tell you to go because they need the space for themselves to fight and cry in peace without the presence of your piercing eyes pleading for answers they don’t have.

Was that a suspended time?


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