Life, according to my optometrist

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Optometrist: someone in the practice or profession of examining the eyes, by means of suitable instruments or appliances, for defects in vision and eye disorders in order to prescribe corrective lenses or other appropriate treatment.

During my recent trip to Italy I had my eyesight checked. I could have had my eyes checked here in Melbourne, but Stefano is not only the family optometrist, he is an old, and dear, family friend.

So far nothing special about a visit to the optometrist. What turned out to be rather peculiar is the language that Stefano used during the examination: he was talking about my eyes but someone not seeing me in the chair with the strange glasses and the machines around me, someone eavesdropping on our conversation could have easily mistaken it for a very private, very intimate analysis of someone’s inability to find the right balance in life.

I was so taken aback that the day after my examination I turned up at his office asking him to repeat the examination so that I could record it. Stefano, ignoring the queue of people waiting to be seen, graciously took me back to the examination room.

I have created an audio narrative, mixing together this bewildering yet beautiful mix of science and human weakness. You can listen to the final result (it’s in Italian).

This is a testimony of how even the most technical profession can, when practiced with passion, become something that touches the soul.


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