Every day, at a certain time of the day

Every day (1)

I have finally finished working at my audio installation Every day, at a certain time of the day presented at the forum The Art and Science of Communication in Multicultural Victoria on March 17.

Bringing together the material recorded has been a laborious process because of the large amount of raw recording that needed to be catalogued and divided by topic and then mixed based on gender, accents, age and content to obtain an organic narrative.

But it has also been a rewarding process, especially when words have played that trick that they have to get new meanings when you cut them in pieces and connect them to sound. This happens especially with those sentences uttered by mistake, those that you think, “oh, well, I can always edit this out” while recording. Of course those are the sentences that are going to create something memorable, and I knew this immediately while listening to my raw recordings at home.

Other memorable moments are given by a generic sound (a spoon clinking in a coffee cup, a sudden thunder roaring from above) that helps my narrative transition, guiding the listener between moods.

And then there are the people, with the soul and their life that drips uncontainable from their words, with simple sentences (“I seem to be talking a lot about my cats”) enough to give to the listener a glimpse into one’s life.

I love the way my piece turned out, and I truly hope that it’ll give a new sensorial experience to the audience at the Immigration Museum.

Listen to Every day, at a certain time of the day.

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