This habit that stories have to take over narratives


I started writing the script for my audio project with a clear idea in mind: I wanted to collect dialogues of women talking about their different attitude towards breast screening and mix them in a choral composition of sounds, music, special effects. At least, this is what I had in mind.

I tried to ‘hear’ the voices in my mind and I started writing down bits of these imagined dialogues but what took shape on the page is something very different.

Stories have this incredible habit of taking over narratives, and the story that is now shaping is very different from what I had anticipated: less abstract and at the same time rawer, personal, painful.

I tried to resist at the beginning, forcing my idea into the page, but this story insisted in wanting to be told. There is only so much that one can do when stories claim their existence with such insistence.

After writing about four pages (in radio script that’s probably less than two minutes) I have stopped: I will continue after collecting the field recording at the breast screen clinic. Because if my story has taken me into unexpected places, now it is my turn to take my story where I want it to be.


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