Commissioned creativity


I am writing and producing an audio-play for Cancer Council Vic/BreastScreen Vic (se. The idea is to create a piece that is interesting and engaging enough so that by the time the listener realises what the audio-play is about, it’s too late to switch off because they want to know what happens next.

I have been commissioned the audio-play as part of a funding round to reach culturally and linguistically diverse women and (ideally) convince them to undergo screening to detect cancer at an early stage.

It is the first time that I write something ‘under commission’, or rather, it’s the first time that I write something with very specific guidelines, something that is supposed to have a value beyond its artistic merit.

Usually, I sit in front of the blank page and the actual audio-play plays in my mind, I hear it exactly the way it’s going to be, I merely type up the sounds and the words.

I don’t know yet whether once I open my Word document, sounds will populate my mind as they usually do. The challenge will be to be creative with a purpose.

Nothing better than a challenge to start the year.


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