FAQ: a story (guest post by Romeo)


“We had to venture where no other server user has gone before: the FAQ section.

The FAQ section was a barren wasteland, filled with derbies of deleted comments and banned user profiles. Huge grey cubes with an M printed on them flew through the sky (Fig. 1), going in or coming out of another massive grey cube filled with lucky FAQ that made it past the forum moderators.

You can still hear the faint screams of innocent profiles that got unnecessarily banned. Around the massive grey cube in the center, there was a deep chasm that lead directly to the trash.

The sky flashed green, a huge white strip slid through the air and towards the center cube. On it the username Bon12347 with a comment underneath the name saying “I LIKE SALAD”.

Yes, the comment was in caps.

As the comment neared the central cube, a forum moderator flew up next to the comment and scanned it. The big M printed on the cube, turned to red (Fig. 2).

The M retracted into the cube and was replaced with a huge laser-thing. As the laser shot towards the helpless comment, the sky flashed a blinding white.

Once the white died out all there was left were some binary numbers and chunks of commentonium (the metal that comments are made of).”

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