My Stoker diary


Of course, I remember:

  • connecting to the internet from home for the first time through my student account;
  • the magic of seeing the Netscape logo appearing on my computer;
  • how puzzled were people when I talked about the area of research for my master of communications (future scenario planning applied to the internet);
  • not knowing how to cite websites, as no one had codified a clear method yet;
  • the sensation when, together with an assignment on textuality and discourse, I presented an interactive CDRom (they were still a novelty);
  • the even bigger sensation when the class saw the animation I created scanning handrawned pictures and using a simple animation program.

Despite knowing that I submitted my textuality and discourse assignment in 1996, it is weird to realise that it was almost 20 years ago.

I don’t have a copy of the CDRom, the professor had only one copy burnt from the IT lab, but I still have five floppy discs with the content. Although I wouldn’t know where to read them today.

I have found some of the sketches created to research the artwork. Looking at them is like seeing the screenshot of Google in 1996 (coincidentally, the year that Google was launched).

I should add that the topic of the textuality and discourse course was Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the actual assignment was a diary where I documented work practice. One last note: the quote on the first page is by St Augustine.

From book to film

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